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Annual Tune-Up Service for Your Heat Pump

Schedule a professional, comprehensive 17-point heat pump tune-up. We service heat pumps of all brands.

Just like servicing your car, your heat pump requires service once a year by an HVAC professional. It's best to do this in spring or fall before you begin to utilize your heat pump heavily in the very warm or cold seasons. This will keep your heat pump running longer and maintain it's efficiency while doing so. If you have a maintenance agreement with us, we will remind you when a tune-up is due. A maintenance agreement will also save you money year-round when service is required and comes with an extended warranty on repairs.


One of the most comprehensive heat pump tune-ups available in the industry.

Lubricate all moving parts.

Install gauges, record pressures/temp.

Check air filter, replace with home owner supply.

Measure superheat to fine tune refrigerant level.

Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.

Clean the outdoor condenser coil.

Check blower motor (and belt if applicable).

Test temp drop at return and supply air.

Safety test all controls for proper operation.

​Amperage readings on all motors, test bearings.

Test operation and condition of compressor contacts.

Inspect capacitors and relays for rust and leaks.

Tighten and test all wires and connections.

Clean thermostat and confirm proper operation.

Turn humidifier off for summer non-operation.

Check outdoor disconnect (if applicable).

Inform customer of equipment conditions.

Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Save even more money while protecting your investment with an HVAC system maintenance agreement.

Why Choose Us for Your Heat Pump Tune-Up

We are constantly evolving and improving the way we do business.

24 Hour Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, you have Southern Maine's leading Heat Pump repair specialists awaiting your call!​

We Service Your Area

We service all of York, Cumberland and Oxford counties.

Affordable Repairs

After diagnosing the system, your technician will verify the repairs and cost before they perform the work. There are never any surprises at the end of the service!

One-Year Warranty

We stand by our work by offering a one-year warranty on all our repairs and extended repair warranties for our Maintenance Agreement holders.


Comfort Air Systems technicians go through on-going training year-round.

All Makes and Models

Comfort Air Systems can repair any Heat Pump regardless of make and model!

Superior Service

With our accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that your Heat Pump is in good hands with Comfort Air Systems.

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